Sunday, July 19, 2009

this is called WINNING AT LIFE

(for like, a second.)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

some things i do for money, some things i do for free

download here

Outkast - Gasoline Dreams
The Knife - Marble House
VV Brown - Quick Fix
Ciccone Youth - Addicted to Love
Nouvelle Vague - Master & Servant
Stevie Nicks - Stand Back (Eli Escobar Disco Mix)
Calexico/Iron & Wine - Dark Eyes
Jucifer - Amplifier
Black Moth Super Rainbow - The Sticky
Sugarhill Gang - 8th Wonder
Julian Plenti - Only If You Run
Coconut Records - Nighttiming
Ramones - Rockaway Beach
The Very Best - Chalo
Gang Gang Dance - House Jam
Cassettes Won't Listen - Into The Hillside
Florence and the Machine - Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
The Jacksons - Goin' Places

Monday, July 13, 2009

sporadic communication breakdowns

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm alone, not lonely. And I'm depressed. You are depressing me.

I went to Barcelona. I walked around a lot. It was hot. I met Bono(!) at a museum, one of the few places in Europe to have fully embraced the concept of air conditioning. I went to Paris, it was like a giant, alcohol-fueled postcard. I liked hearing everyone speak French. I started smoking, again. I wasn't ready for it to end.
Everything was very expensive. I don't understand how poor students can afford to study abroad. But you all do, don't you. I missed out on something there, apparently.

I will post pictures at some point. In the meantime, I'm busy watching late 70's cocaine murder mysteries.

I call this one, Dear 2004, it's 2pm. Why aren't you at work yet?

Ignore me, I'm bitter. I've actually been working nonstop since the moment I got home.