Friday, September 30, 2005

It's the weekend, time for some beedogs!

beelieve it!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

come out and plaaaay

Ok I may have to buy some sort of video game console.

Because of this: The Warriors, The Video Game

oh, and there's a lot of sitting around time, too:

Monday, September 26, 2005

On Saturday I met some coworkers in the old part of Vegas and walked around with a ridiculously large drink and then ate a tuna melt. After that I went to the desert and watched my art director's boyfriend and some other people do that motorcross thing which looked crazy like BMX Bandits crazy. We then took a tricked-out golf cart over some sand and rocks and followed a dry wash until it ended at a drop off. Backtracking was harder than you'd think and after several misdirects and several hundred gunshot-riddled signs/plastic container/discarded car part we made it back to the car right before the sun went down. I wish I had taken pictures but my camera has been trapped at the office all weekend.
On Sunday I found a mall and went to it.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

PIctures From the Clinton Liberry

I think my mom corrected this speech.

Here is the exhibit about al gore inventing the internet.

This is kind of creepy.

Me in the women's bathroom. Disco!

It takes a village to make an ashtray.

Clinton Presidential Christmas tentacles.

The end!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I'm writing lines for a Wolfgang Puck restaurant opening in the Washington D.C. Convention Center- or more specifically in the "Washington D.C. Convention Center Supreme Court Food Court".


"Yes, I'll have the 'Ruth Bader Ginsburger', please."

The El Rancho Motel (of tomorrow) and other Route 66 randomness...

I like how they are acting out the picture behind them. There were so many fake* dinos on route 66!

*shallow and artificial

Sunday, September 18, 2005

(woggles, subsonics, ocha, not all the same night dudes)

The Woggles:

The Subsonics:

Ocha La Rocha:

(here we see ronney clearly abandoning the stage...)

Friday, September 16, 2005

Things Vs. Stuff...from that yard sale once ago and from other places...the battle for domination of the pointless rages on...

I have not been able to upload in so so long- so starting here with The Ratt I plan to upload a shitload of pics from the last two months or so...not even including my cross-country trip pics, which I need to find a USB cable in order to do. Ok, here goes:

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


"Let's get married, all three of us!"
-one of three very happy/drunk people on the strip.

"It's a cross between a club and a lounge. It's a clounge."
-my creative director

Monday, September 12, 2005

Ok, so that was three days in the car, staying overnight in Memphis with an old college friend, Little Rock and then a whole bunch of Oklahoma nothing, swinging by Wichita to pick up my friend Erin (on her birthday), hanging out in Wichita longer than anyone ever should (about 15 hours), driving overnight through Oklahoma City, Amarillo and a few truck stops where we played "spot the lot lizards" (a very overnight-on-I-40 game), sunrise passing through Albequerque, breakfast on a Route 66 hotel called something like "El Rancho" where the decor was half old english, half old west, getting really excited about geography and then decidedly unimpressed by giant rocks, the much-too-large petrified forest and I think the rocks won, fake! dinosaurs!, mountains n' shit, more mountains, I am sick of driving by now, the hoover dam (sucks), getting lost in vegas then un-lost, 4am drinks n' delirium, sunday driving apartment to apartment with no luck and then back at the hotel where my car pees antifreeze everywhere and renders itself undrivable yet again, my subsequent tiny mental breakdown, Erin taking us to dinner at margaritaville (oh yeah that one- the food was surprisingly good), fry island?, waking up too early after Erin flew back midwest, car towed, first day at work and already finished an assignment, I have a computer again but it is not a laptop, I am trying to get my expenses worked out, I am tired and sober but at least I have things to do, I am starting to get that I-am-going-back-to-the-hotel-alone-no-friends-here-lump-in-my-throat, ok I have a new assignment gotta go, later dudes.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Clinton Presidential Library Museum Gift Shop should think about selling a build-your-own-model-bridge-to-the-21st-century kit. The library itself was awesome in the way that the 90's economy was awesome. Ok I am going to eat a cookie that it took an entire village to bake, and then search for the Al Gore vp commemorative lock box. And then more west! I am seeing the nation one ill-paved interstate mile at a time, and have about three seconds left on this computer.

ps. if you did not send it over the phone-

leave your street address here and win a free postcard! each has a unique story involving americana/the interior of my car.

Friday, September 02, 2005

I was going to write something about how the so fucking obviously unsaid is following me around like red balloons that lived during the french new wave but now I am wondering if there are any good songs about sandwiches.

out in t-minus something...