Friday, May 30, 2008

HOW GOOD WAS LOST YOU GUYS. I'LL ANSWER MY OWN QUESTION: SO GOOD. I loved these parts: when Ben screamed "you killed my daughter!", when Sayid kicked Keamy's (keamy? keeny?) ass, the whole Des and Penny thing, and also DharmaRum.

Don't worry, those aren't real spoilers. I know that out of the millions of people who read my blog on a daily basis, some of you like to roll spoiler-free.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I was in Philadelphia until yesterday, yesterday I spent all day on a plane. Here are some pictures I took. A lot of them are from the tour of Eastern State Penitentiary, just so you don't think that Philly is in complete ruin:

no thanks

"america's next top cat"

an actual store front, the store wasn't actually there anymore

Luckily for you kids they didn't allow photography at the Mutter Museum, otherwise this space would be filled with pictures of trepanning, conjoined twinnery and the world's largest colon.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Well, it turns out I am going to Philadelphia this weekend after all. I'm using this very helpful video to plan my trip:

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The commercials for Cymbalta (an antidepressant) use the same music used in that movie Sophie's Choice, so seeing it makes me think of coney island and concentration camps, I'm pretty sure that wasn't the intent of the ad agency.
Speaking of concentration camps (and there's a sentence I did not think I would be using today), I just got sucked into one of those wikipedia downward spirals. I was looking up something about L'Avventura and I clicked on several links leading me to the fact that there was actually a film genre called "Nazisploitation". This has to be one of the bigger WTFuckery moments in film history.
My car is still in the shop. I should say, my car is in the shop again where it remains still. Last week I paid for new strut mounts and yesterday I discovered I needed a new fuel pump because the car would not start. I would say the two are related except the two are so completely unrelated in the world of car. Anyways, I'm spending every last penny on this. I had to cancel my memorial day trip to Philly which is just disappointing as all get out. I guess that's the price of being an adult and also of driving a luxury car that's over five years old.
I'm half jealous of all of you still in college. Man, what I wouldn't give for a summer vacation or at least a couple of weeks off between semesters. Responsibility comes at you full force and it just doesn't let up.

I gotta give credit for the new title of my blog to a video posted by bunny mcintosh. Now I'm going to my template to figure out how to change the link/visited link colors.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Two days ago I had words with some particularly underwhelming split pea soup, the kind that comes powdered from the vegan section of your local grocer, I said YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO CALL YOURSELF SOUP as I poured it down the sink. I am a split pea soup enthusiast, and this wasn't cutting it.
Yesterday I spent a good portion of the day sitting in a mechanic's waiting room, a bad waiting room in an even worse side of town, I had to wait for my strut mounts and then I had to wait for my strut mounts to be, well, mounted. I guess. Installed.
Today I have a pile of long copy documents to finish, I am trying to be pro-active about this. But they aren't due until next Thursday so I'm needling around the internet, frowning at the fact that nobody updates on Friday afternoons. I also did this:

Which Lost Character are you?

I was kind of hoping to get Ben.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I just read a comment in LJ in which said commenter referred to her partner (or person with her at the time) as her "lover". As in, my lover and I were having dinner and...


I actually don't know what happened next, but it probably involved a series of scented oils.

Here's a poem (i guess) I wrote some time ago. The title is "a poem (I guess) I wrote some time ago":

Language is speaking us from the space between why/and/how. Language is leading us from listless to lost, repeating such as
We move like ghosts on worn-thin video, slow film on film speed. Tell me what to speak for and I’ll show me mine:
“in-between, mid sentence, mid circular logic, mid temperate zones, cells listless by mid division, no opinions, just lifetimes lost in pursuit.” You’re not killing time, you’re forcing it into slow suicide. Your godot failed all twelve steps, beaten and bloody.
One more cigarette and I’m finding a glove to land on, the signified and the silence. When evolution runs out of time it starts moving at will.
Moves me past language, past the lost and over the past. I am lack of absence, you are the space at my end.

I don't know how people write poetry without feeling like total douches. It's the most self-indulgent thing, ever. Has to be.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

One of my friends who lives in this very hippie-fied section of Portland took a bunch of pictures of some dude grooving Michael Stipe-style to jam street musicians. I threw them all together in i-movie and here is the result:

The music is, of course, Juliet Roberts "I Want You", which I recently re-discovered.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Last night I saw a license plate that read YANNI. I'm pretty sure the car belonged to Yanni.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Next christmas, everyone's getting a SLANKET.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I'm having one of those days, or hours, or maybe it's just a moment where it feels as though everyone else's weight in life is heftier than mine. Everyone else's job is more challenging, everyone has more important things to do. It's my mid-afternoon mid-atrophy, it's so goddamned easy. An obsessive snail's pace. The snail is obsessive, the pace is that of the snail. He said, adverbily.
Man, I don't know. It's so flat out here, real second-dimension shit. Like the desert, like the people, like the metaphor. My lungs could use a bath. This always happens right before summer, I get ready to start boxing, boxing things I mean and cleaning out and letting the air in. The other day I was looking for my stash of antibiotics (just in case I happened upon any biotics), and something like a roach or spider or roach/spider hybrid looked up at me for half a second before dashing to the bottom of my junk-medication bag. Maybe this happened, I'm almost certain this happened but see the thing is i'm not entirely sure it did. My plan is to pretend that bag doesn't exist for at least one spider life-span, or until the antipsychotics kick in, whichever comes first.
Small steps, snail steps.

Complaint/justification/overjustification/personal example/mix that metaphor, baby.


This almost NEVER happened when I used to ride Marta. And also, I 'm pretty sure she got off at King Memorial, and that was the line I rode on the constant. Ok, a few times a month.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Here is an idea I had in 2004:

in reference to that bumper sticker "30307: It's not a zip code, it's a lifestyle!"


"30307- it's not just a zip code or a lifestyle, it's one giant condo!"

"30307- it's the newer, quirkier Marietta!"

"30307- like your teeth, we're getting whiter by the second!"

"30307- don't worry! soon Reynoldstown will be a Target!"

"30307- Follow Me to Front Page News!"

"30307- It's the edginess of midtown meets the property value of the Highlands!"

"30307- You're Next, Cabbagetown!"

"30307- It Will Be Post Seaboard Soon Enough!"

"30307- Do you like our attempt at hipness?"

"30307- Where Midtown Comes To Park For Slightly Cheaper."

"30307- If A Salesperson is Rude To You, Just Remember that This Zip Code is Busy Raising Their Rent As You Read!"

and finally

"30307- Now Available in Khaki!"

Hey, it's been awhile since I've done one of these.

Download Here

1. John Spencer Blues Explosion- Wail
2. Basia Bulat- In the Night
3. Adam Ant- Kings of the Wild Frontier
4. JD Walker- Bogus Banging
5. The Kills- Sour Cherry
6. The Wrens- This Boy is Exhausted
7. The Chap- Surgery
8. Fleet Foxes- Mykonos
9. Mates of State- It's the Law
10. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Breathless
11. Sam Keenan- Chalk Circle
12. The Apples in Stereo- Stephen, Stephen
13. Gnarls Barkley- Charity Case
14. Britta Phillips and Dean Wareham- I Deserve It
15. Rio En Medio- Let's Groove (Earth, Wind and Fire cover)

Some notes-
#1 was my default car song senior year of high school.
#8 sounds like Crosby Stills Nash and/or Young come to life.
I know I've posted #10 before, but come on. It's a great song. And also maybe I've posted other songs before? I don't remember.
I'm pretty sure #12 is about Stephen Colbert.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Man, I almost forgot. This blog is five years old! A few weeks ago! Even though it feels more like eight hundred years. My blog is ready to start kindergarten.

This was really just an excuse to post some cake.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

There are days when I miss Atlanta, there are days when I don't. Today is one of those days, by the way, which only sort of explains why I was perusing that website. And yeah, right now I have nothing better to do but find this little gem of an ad for the Clermont Lounge:

(An ad which undoubtedly begs the question "when did they stop taking credit cards")

Oh, and also there's this, a picture from the early 80's Atlanta "punk scene" I guess back when the Metroplex was around and Little 5 Points was actually punk. What's the term for nostalgia for a time you didn't even live through:

the liner notes indicate this photo was taken in 1984 by BILL HALLMAN.

(As found via Ladyblogging Atlanta, sorry Christa I'm totally sharking your bandwidth.)

My blogs, they go nowhere today.

Well, here's something I totally forgot about. And it was my favorite thing when I was like, five. It was all this and that Poochie dog. And a magic* kit.