Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Man, I wish Cosby Time, a Cosby Show-related blog, updated more often. Also, I wish there were more Cosby Show-related blogs. Also. ALSO. Designing Women is coming to DVD. Here is my suggestion for the cover art for Season One:

p.s. I got that picture from a review of "Mannequin" which contains the following sentence: "Mannequin stars a white-hot Andrew McCarthy..." Well. Ok. But he's no "Rob Lowe playing rock saxophone" white-hot:

I think I've veered off-topic. Back to Cosby Time. Here are some excerpts:

This episode is terrible because it has both Olivia (VOMIT) and Rudy with her adult teeth (DISGUSTING). Oddly, the only good part is watching Cliff have a tapdanceoff with some old man that is some famous old Vaudevillian tapdancer except he is distracting because he appears to have no teeth and only screams one phrase at the top of his lungs “CHALLLUNGE!”

Claire is off at Hillman, probably giving some lecture on the direct correlation between the expensiveness of clip-on earrings and increased perceptions of intelligence and power by your peers. Meanwhile, Cliff has decided to dump Rudy off on his parents for a slumber party where they decide the best way to spend the evening is to dress her in 1940’s evening wear and teach her outdated jive lingo. Denise invites Vanessa to go hang in the Village with her and her NYU friends but insists they have to ‘dress funky’ to fit in which in 1985 apparently translates loosely into dressing like androgynous Depression-era newsies.

Right? Right.

Monday, March 23, 2009

WATCH! As I make fun of innocent high school kids who have become victim to the cesspool that is SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHY.

ZEPHYLIA - Really? Northwestern was your safety school?

WENDY - Works part-time at the Dress Barn, wishes it were Wet Seal.

DAN - Why are you wearing a wig, Dan.

CHUCK - turns 38 on graduation day.

MONCHICHI - lives way up in the trees, loves to run and play, has indeterminate jamaican-esque accent, total stoner.

LISA - I hope this is Lisa Frank. Otherwise, what the fuck.

DANIELLE - Reminds me of every girl I hated in high school. Just popular enough to be a total bitch, but not popular enough to emulate in any form or fashion.

MATT - Founder and sole member of his high school's Tangerine Dream fan club.

ELIZABETH - Honestly? I'm more worried about the floating picture frame behind her. Why is it floating? Did it just fall off the wall? Is it in mid-spat with the lamp? So many unanswered questions, Elizabeth. Why are you doing this to us.

RACHEL - Mom? Is that you?

DAWN - Wow, Dawn must be surrounded by a lot of positive support. Positive support, and Anne Geddes calenders.

JT - This is a cool dude that I would like to hang out with.

(Lexie provided the original idea for this, I would link to her LJ but its on lock. As is mine.)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Uh, try to ignore the template. I'm looking for a new one that I like, but I don't have all day to do that, y'know?

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