Friday, May 27, 2005

Suggested Kitten Names For The Kitten Pictured In The Previous Post, An Incomplete List.

-Void Demon
-Tyra Banks
-Ashlee Simpson
-Ashlee Sampson
-Ashlee Clampson
-Rashlee Flampsword
-Growbus Power-slide
-Free Ipod
-Free Ipod
-Free Ipod
-Free U2 Ipod
-V1ag-RA R-X buy onl1ne
-That episode of Home Improvement where Randy and Brad locked Mark in the closet and he got out and Jill started going to pottery class and using Tim's garage for making her pottery and Tim and Al switched comedic roles on Tool Time, which proved disastrous
-Gold Bones
-Poetry Dream
-Soulmate Lovers
-Basketball Splash
-Enchantment Dragon Spell Level 9 *requires 3 energy cyrstals
-Sasquatch Party Hat
-"More like Step by SHIT!"
-"More like BULL House!"
-"More like Family DOESNT Matters!"
-Enchantment Dragon Spell Level 4 *requires a "More like BULL House!"
-Detective Stabler/Benson/Munch/Tutuyola
-Captain Donald Craegan
-Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cabot
-A Latin American boy cast as the computer expert in a high school sitcom THAT IS SUCH AN INTERESTING CASTING DECISION
-Flag Bone

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

hey look kevin got a kitten and then I took way to many pictures so here are some of them- presenting kitten:


Monday, May 23, 2005

"My New Favorite Thing Ever"
by Jill

More at David Shrigley dot com, and that is my new favorite thing ever.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

more at "granpa's funhouse of mystery"...

Friday, May 20, 2005

It's vague nostalgia time! From the same vintage sesame street vein that unearthed Pinball Counting comes a rappin' king throwing it down about his favorite number- "Castle Eight".

It's learnin' time!

(oh and is it just me or does The Count look really gay in that opening frame...that flower doesn't really help i guess...)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

I am filled up with pizza and beer and ice cream and I am sleepy, not just tired but sleepy which is much better that tired. So I should sleep then, I am going to sleep then but for some reason I am also bored, what is must be a function of that same synapse that causes lonely in a room full of familiar conversations. I recently ran across a passage concerning the difference between feeling empty and having the emptiness filled with lonely, how feeling nothing and feeling the singular emotion of lonely, feeling it to it's very full and very real extent, how these two things coexist so often as to become one substance eating away at the pit of your stomach. Maybe that explains the too many fitful nights or maybe they are what they are which is just that, can you tell I was reading ee cummings earlier damn look at all those pronouns.
My friend erin is back in atlanta for this weekend, I am using her laptop tonight and I guess we will be out on whatever is left of this town as soon as friday night hits and it does hit sometimes, my original plans included staring at the wall, developing an unwarranted stomach ulcer and waiting on time to do it's thing* so I am glad there is a reason to alter them. I keep wanting to use the word "redux" but I will not because it's stupid.
The only reason I want to see the new star wars is because I like titles that have revenge in them. I like a title with a plan, yep.

I think I sent a bunch of text messages out late last night for no real reason. Or so the sent box would indicate. Ok now is the time in the sprockets when we sleep.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

While I'm on this mp3 kick- here's more to grab before the links dissappear...

firstly, my two new favorite songs ever of the moment:

The Golden Cups- "Hey Joe"
Yeah, it's a cover but a really fucking good cover by a Japanese band...with a distortion pedal.

The Lovekevins- "Blame The English"
Who are these kids? I have no idea but I cannot stop listening to this song.

More covers! Paul Anka! Covering shit! Anka! Burger! Table six!

Paul Anka- "Jump"
Paul Anka- "Wonderwall"

I think this band is secretly responsible for "Elektronik Supersonik", and I hope to god it's a joke cause it's damn funny:


Euromotion- "Dance Move Burglar"
Euromotion- "Lost In Time and Space"

And four more just cause:

Girls Are Short- "The Natural"

DJ Riko (Featuring Gerald A and Katie Enlow)- "P-Funk Is Playing At My House"
Yes, it's one of the 5 billion variations on the LCD Soundsystem song. But it's the best one I have heard thus far.

BMX Bandits- "Kylie's Got A Crush On Us"
Hey! Remember that Nicole Kidman movie "BMX Bandits"? Hey! Remember Teenage Fanclub? This song somehow manages to combine both these elements into a song having nothing to do with either one!

Brown Brothers- "Platform Blues"
Jazz cover of the Pavement song- only recommended if you know the song, otherwise it just sounds like something you'd jam out to with a ficus plant in the elevator lobby.

Now if you will excuse me I am gonna go to Target and get some Pizza Hut goodness.

(see previous entry, re: how to download songs)

Sufjan Stevens- "Come on, Feel The Illinoise"
Sufjan Stevens has a plan. To write an album about every single state. So far he has completed two. Meaning to say I seriously doubt he will see this plan through, but as Captain Murphy says "I have tons of plans, you don't see any of them getting done do you!?"
I will let you guess which state the above song is about. Oh and if it helps the title of the album is "Illinois", and it is very, very good. Probably my favorite Sufjan Stevens album so far. Good lord that man is talented.

Spanky and Our Gang- "Leopard Skin Phones"
In lieu of a drawn-out description, I will say only that this song is from 1968 and is a little fast-paced groove number that is my new favorite "relatively obscure mp3" find. Oh and the lyrics are about listening to and recording music. And the group has "Spanky" in it's name. Yep. Spanky.

The Clash- "Louie Louie"
Prolly from around 1980, I mean fuck it's The Clash covering "Louie Louie" is there really anything more to say.


Everyone who likes science must visit "Singing Science", which features a collection of songs from the 50's and 60's about science. Ok I have not actually listened to any of them yet but with titles like "It's A Magnet!" you best believe I am downloading the whole damn collection. I am going to be so smart and it's all thanks to music!

I really should start an mp3 blog or something as my taste in music remains beyond reproach.

for those of you not familiar with downloading links, if you are using a pc: right-click and choose "save link as" or "save target as" (depending on your browser), if you are using a mac: press "ctrl" and click on the link, then choose "save link as" or "save target as" just like on a pc. ok gotta go bye.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

music update!

Now that the speaker no longer makes that feedback-y humming noise this computer is decidedly less shoegaze.

and that, I believe, is all there is to that.

Monday, May 16, 2005

I think this is awesome click here if you dare.

get in shape with the rump posse ok now-

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Every time I post pictures of myself on here I feel like part of the problem.

Lately I have been doing a lot of:
-staring at the ceiling listening to construction
-cursing the very name of construction
-wondering when the circuit breakers for the power on the right side of my room will be back in the "on" position
-wondering why, every time I think of "circuit breakers", I can't help but also think of my favorite NES game "maniac mansion" and how you had to kill the circuit breakers and drain the pool and all this somehow had to do with a plant that drank a lot of pepsi
-wondering why no one ever calls me/cursing the phone too
-not answering when someone called
-cause it was usually just my mom anyways
-making dresses from other dresses, such as this one:

and here are sort-of some pictures of my new walmart swimsuit, and also new sunglasses! (mostly sunglasses):

thats my emo face dudes (minus the chucks)

Monday, May 09, 2005

I just realized that I used "I just realized" in two consecutive posts.

Wait now it's three. Holy shit you guys I just realized it is now three.

(I think I just heard the brittle crack-pow often associated with opening one of the seven seals. The madness must end!)

and also mothers day time!

I just realized that dead smoke and potpurri when smelled at the same time smell a whole lot like creamed corn.
And also that grapes* are natures perfect food. Not to worry (dogboy)- I have not given up on the virtues of cake.

*green, seedless.

appendectomize this- a three parter in three parts, actually six.

1. I just realized that there are almost as many charlotte* (or former charlotte, as the case may be) people on my livejournal friends list- yeah i know i am alienating you blog folk but hey jump on the LJ bandwagon and you too can vent like the angsty jailbait living inside us all- as there are atlantans. Which in turn made me realize:
I need to get out of lagrange now and right now. Because seriously why the hell am I staring at my friends list has it really come to this.

2. But not without first stopping at what my father calls "that bastion of capitalism": Wal-Mart. Meaning to say that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are my new favorite clothing designers, and I got a swimsuit for twelve bucks. Yeah that's right I bought a swimsuit and there might be pictures IF YOU'RE LUCKY.**

3. "IJ" Update***

*I have never been to charlotte but they seem to like me sight unseen so it must be the best goddamn place on earth. That said, I have no plans to visit, ever.

**I am so pale it verges on transparency, and therefore do not show up on some cameras.

***I have taken to reading the appendix and whenever something sounds interesting, finding that page and reading until I lose interest. I think it actually makes more sense this way, or less sense, or maybe it has no effect whatsoever. Definitely one or the other. Or the other. Oh, and also for some reason I keep picturing mcparris as one of the main characters which is really fucking disconcerting. Must be all the tennis. Must be.

Thursday, May 05, 2005


Monday, May 02, 2005

Guess what you guys conjunctivitis sucks. Especially when it's in both eyes. This is the first time I have left the house in over 24 hours. Actually, it's about the first time I've left the bed in over 24 hours. Thanks to a giant syringe full of antibiotics which spent several minutes slowly seeping into my hip yesterday afternoon (and the series of horse pills following) I am no longer contagious but my eyes are still red and puffy and so I can't stay on the computer much longer or they will start to hurt again.
Oh and guess what else sucks- only having network TV. Especially when a combination of said antibiotics and (otherwise) complete sobriety leaves one in a state whereas one finds oneself getting weepy over "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition". Yeah that's right. But wait it gets worse- I stayed tuned for "The Bachelor" starring that sort-of star's Jerry O'Connell's brother as the bachelor...a fact which I knew beforehand because (and this is truly the worst part) Jerry was on Oprah earlier in the day.

So yeah conjuntivitis sucks. So, uh...don't get it. Or something.