Saturday, November 05, 2005

Last night I went to look at some west coast customs in the hard rock parking lot and carried my girly drink around the hard rock parking lot and felt girly because I didn't know what car was what and how the hell these people closed their trunks with all that dvd mess in it and are speakers that big really necessary?
Then I went across the steet to rainbow and inadvertantly saw korn, and then left when I realized I was inadvertantly seeing korn. So explained all the pseudo-goth seventeen year olds, I guess. Today I went to the Salvation Army and bought some livin' in the 70's wall art and now I am sitting here waiting for Sara to call back so I can plan my Thanksgiving trip to Seattle. Set the jetset, set of jetsetters.
Tomorrow I think I am going hiking at red rock. (which should be wonderful after what I learned about my physical shape due to a certain nob hill incident last weekend.) I don't know what's what tonight.