Monday, December 04, 2006

I love the Wayback Machine. Because thanks to its powers, I can now give you a list of headings which have appeared at the top of this blog throughout history. And by history I mean since 2003, when I first started it.

The Place Where I Am On
Channel 7 Hazard Weather Action Tracking Meterology Wolfpack
Now Is The Winter of Our Discount Tent
Positively Robotic. Positively Maddening.
Number One Choice In Farcical Pedagogues.
Occasional, Superfluous Assents of the Interlocutor
Dehumidifier: The Bloggening!
Pomoeroticism, Protofuturism, Postdehumidification and You (the viewer) as "Self". (the online text)
Eatso Much, Peso Little
Gonna Live It Up Down Old South America Way

Now I am going to go see what other pages looked like throughout history. Remember when this blog was where it was at? Call me a mentally challenged thirteen year old with nothing to say, but I'm more into livejournaling these days.

I STILL LOVE YOU BLOG what am i saying.