Thursday, December 07, 2006

I need to start taking my laptop home every night and updating livejournal around seven pm. Because that's when my most profound realizations about the day seem to happen. When everything has sunk in and sits there taking up all the room like the moisture in a three milks cake. Updating at eleven am leads to such topics as:
i need more taxidermy in my house
why is beer of the month club so expensive
i wonder if my mom still has the salt map of antarctica that i made in the fifth grade
similies like the moisture in a three milks cake
KRFT KLBS for scenesters who want to make dioramas and terrariums. and salt maps of antarctica.

I have a series of childcraft books back home in lagrange georgia that can teach me just about anything using four color photos of animals, erlenmeyer flasks and macrame projects. There was a scary guide for parents that had pictures of diseases that have since been wiped out in a giant wave of antibiotics and other such medical advances, a book about plants that I hardly even touched.
For the past few days I have been missing Atlanta like crazy but maybe it's that I miss being skinny and medicated. My sense of place and time are all scrambled and embedded, I don't miss places but I do miss eras. Maybe's it's selective hindsight.

(aka pre-glasnost geographical insights and projects with underlying agendas)