Friday, January 18, 2008

If you were absolutely forced to, which movie would you rather sit through: "Mad Money" or "27 Dresses"?

I'd go with "Mad Money", because even though it looks awful at least it has Diane "Annie Hall is my favorite movie ever" Keaton in it. (Who, admittedly, hasn't been in a good movie in quite some time.) Jal says "27 Dresses" because it kind of sounds like a conclusion to "12 Monkeys". I would tend to agree, unfortunately my hatred of Katherine Heigl knows no bounderies. There are a lot of bad movies opening this weekend, fortunately "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" is FINALLY here. And at the theater right by my apt. This is what I will be doing this weekend. Well, that and caucusing.

I love how "Yakety Sax" makes any situation wacky.