Thursday, January 03, 2008

I'm back in Vegas. Yep. Last night I took a fifty dollar cab ride from the airport to my house and immediately went to yoga and then whole foods because I am a big ol yuppie. And today my car is leaking coolant. Oh, life!
Atlanta was nice, I spent a lot of money shopping and also found out who's buying all those cheap looking condos sprouting up in the midtown (and also: everywhere else)- it's EVERYONE WHO WAS AT IKEA. I bought a shower curtain and a soda. They were a dollar. It was either raining or threatening to rain the entire time I was down there. I saw "Juno". It makes me want to write a movie. It also kind of makes me want a hamburger phone, but it's only a matter of time before Urban or Fredflare dot com manufactures and starts selling them for thirty bucks each, thereby sucking the fun out of it. That movie's destined for napoleondynamiteization. Here are some pictures that have little to do with anything:

in candler park. on new years day.


elsa looks huge in this picture for some reason. ah, puppies.