Sunday, January 13, 2008

I've been thinking a lot about moving back to Atlanta. As in, I kind of want to. I don't know where I'd work, though. It's a small ad industry there, it's filled with the same people over and over again. Is it too familiar? Too comfortable? But I like comfortable. I think jerking you out of your comfort zone is completely overrated. One of those concepts invented by an ad agency trying to capitalize on the ennui of generation x.
And also, making new friends is haaaaaaard. It takes so much eeeeeeenergy.

Oh hey, if you guys lived in Nevada, this is what the television landscape would be: Obama commercial, Hillary commercial, Harry Reid telling you to go out and caucus. Repead, ad nauseum. AD. NAUSEUM. Ok, I'm off to watch an awards show that doesn't actually exist. It's going to be metaphysical as all hell.

Today I bought two books: "Less than Zero" and "Katharine Hepburn's Me". It just felt right, to buy those two books at the same time.