Saturday, June 26, 2004

asleep/awake/asleep/awake. Thanks construction!

in the meantime...

on a calm sunday afternoon something horrible happened....

two people got bored and made a movie.
a very odd, unfathomable movie.

you can see it here:

it's jill and mine's directorial debut.
it would have never seen the light of day if not for jill using the all powerful i-movie and editing her way to fame. such technology eludes me.

jill will be taking questions tonight at Lenny's. i'll just be nodding and eating cheese.


It is true.
Except it wasn't Sunday afternoon, so much as Saturday morning.
And then there was the whole mental breakdown part, I think I called from the roof.
No questions so far.
But cheese was eaten.

The construction team next door decided to show up at 6am and start throwing metal into other metal. It’s lovely, really.

I put all my R.E.M. tracks on shuffle and "Shiny Happy People" was first. It made me feel seven, when I assumed a shiny person had been cleaned to a streak-free shine.