Saturday, June 26, 2004

It's 5:30 in the morning, and I am very much alone with my thoughts.
My thoughts strike me as all-around vague. I'm vaguely sad, vaguely dissappointed, vaguely tired, vaguely want to go to sleep, vaguely do not want to be alone. Everything's starting to grind to an even dull, meaning something has to change. I don't know what/when/how/why/who but something definitely needs to hit the mill running.
It wasn't a bad night. I can't fully explain my unease...I think I just want to fall asleep with someone. Not sex (and I know guys love that). Just sleep. Nothing against sex per-se but right now the absense of alone is more important and you have to gain my comfort meaning not just anyone, the just anyone I'd be slipping away from first thing. misscrypticrypticryptic, yeah.
I am going to work a little on the stories, catch up a little on the poetry, and get a little sleep. Because god knows.