Saturday, June 12, 2004

Last year I fell asleep with rollerskates on to the sweet sounds of monkeypox chatter and general nonsense.
This year malnourished punk boys reproduced on the front porch, as there were more every time I went out the front door. I stayed even though I knew I was making it deliciously uncomfortable and wondered about my real friends. I am not happy with some people, but not anyone here.
It's called general consideration. It's called trying to have a society at face value, having a general sense of what is going on. Hello. Hello?

Lenny's was great. At one point I managed to spill my drink down the inside front of my dress with such skill that the dress was not at all wet. Gusto!
And I think perhaps dancing with Rippy and V+ was the best three minutes of the whole darn thing.

Yep, that and the impromptu biscuit reunion.