Friday, June 11, 2004

Birthday Celebratoyotathon

aka further proof that the population is getting older...

That would be my birthday tonight (friday 6/11) at Lenny's. There will be music and dancing, sometimes occuring at the same time!
And party games like "Get Really Drunk and Fall Over" or "Get Really Drunk and Yell at the DJ" or just the classic "Get Really Drunk."

So yeah it's free from 11-12, for those of yous who absolutely cannot show up between those hours and wouldn't be able to afford the menial admission price (brats), lemme know and I'll put you on what they call a "list." I'll probably be there around 11.

Apparently there are also bands beforehand, but someone else will need to fill in this part because I simply do not know.

And also: someone needs to plan an afterparty, because I sure as hell didn't.

And also also: buy my Toyota, because it is for sale.

That is all.