Saturday, June 19, 2004

hidden in the comments of a certain blog filled with sentences and the spaces between them is an addendum which, noting rule #35, must be posted.

31. don't use capital letters. this complete disregard for the shift key will reveal to the world your true rebellious nature.
32. tell people what to do as often as possible, as they are probably unable to think for themselves...this is especially applicable if most of your readers are girls between the ages of 15 and 21.
33. if you have no original thoughts, nudity is an acceptable substitute. the internet needs more jerk off fodder- that especially applies to readers finding themselves on number 60-something of a comment sheet.
34. all blogging software besides blogger is evil- especially livejournal. content is no longer the most important aspect of a good blog, it must first be powered by the software of my choice.
35. when your comment is this far down a list, you should copy and paste it into your blog. that way you will look as self-riteous as possible to as many people as possible.
36. monkeys really draw a crowd. get a monkey to write your blog if possible.
37. a three-day drug binge is sometimes the only way (assuming you channel burroughs) to arrive, via stream-of-conciousness, on the correct tangent.
38. logic is the enemy. no, wait, livejournal is the enemy. ok, the enemy list is still 1. livejournal 2. logic 3. clothing.
39. 4. the shift key.
40. all good lists end at 40, even if you have to tack on nonsensical jibberjabber to make it so.