Friday, January 21, 2005

The "Door Close" button on the elevator is a complete sham. Those doors are taking their sweet time no matter how button-happy you appear to be. Interstate driving in afternoon haze with slow r.e.m., steady pace on the 9-11 minute travel time, it feels like driving through thin vaseline. This is all I want it's all I need, this is all I am it's everything.Here is a side note that is only relevant to the extremely near future: do not get on the connector southbound- something occured which caused all lanes to be blocked thus causing no one to be connected to anything at all. Meaning to say the road is a complete failure, and chopper ten is covering every humiliating detail.
My life is currently operating under the control of script revisions and glassy-eyed concepting sessions. I need a nap, and as much as I would love to think that the weekend promises rest, I have a feeling I will be working at the most inconvenient hour possible.

Here is something to do: you are rather dashing!