Thursday, January 27, 2005

I just spent a goddamn hour "driving" north on the connector, trying to get back to the office through a six-deep parade of confused drivers all wondering when the line's gonna end, and nobody knew and I still don't know cause I took the first available exit only to be met with a similar sort of madness on peachtree.
I went home to get my workout gear, though it all seems rather moot now. I probably won't have time to work out due to time lost in traffic. That's not to say I won't try my damndest because this is today, and today is the first time I have felt like excercizing in...oh, what the archaic brits might call donkey's years.

In other news, I have procured seven new Beck tracks and am working on six others. So far I like what I hear- "Hell Yes" being the repetitive low point (though still not too shabby, as far as potential dance tracks) and a song titled "Que Onda Guero" being the high, though who wouldn't love a song that includes lyrics such as "sleepin' in the sidewalk with a Burger King crown" (runbetterrunadoo-runrun)- I want to dance to this song like you wouldn't believe.
Oh, and the song also includes some guy yelling "Michael Bolton!" in the background.

Here is a picture of Beck to break the words:

Let's just look at Beck for a second....yesss...

Ok, meeting.