Saturday, January 08, 2005

Flat repaired, warranty shown, free tire given. Apparenly I parked too aggresively, and the curb done the damage. I love when blunt objects are responsible for puncture wounds. I am gonna keep killing the same warrantied tire over and over- it would be just quirky enough to be just something. Like alistair hennessey or a donut filled with something simply labeled "filler". (though one might guess it had something to do with unneccessary montages.)
I am gonna finish this wine, see where all the ducks have landed, and then decide how to proceed from there. Everyone kept asking me are you ok and I didn't know if it was the dark circles under my eyes or the sunglasses I was wearing under clouds or the fact that I have been sporting the puzzled ick face like a motherfucking champ. I should have replied with "I've been drinking everyday for the past 7 days, and haven't been able to eat hardly at all.  I think this is the unhealthiest I've been in my whole life". But I don't think they would have understood the indended intent as I barely do in the first place in the first place to begin with.
catch the tact fever!

who needs a cigarette good god.